We asked truck drivers how to handle black ice

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 News) – Like so many of us, truck drivers were caught in Thursday night’s storm.

There were roughly 266 crashes reported statewide, with a 16-car pile-up along 201 Thursday night.

“It’s crazy,” said truck driver Joel Balderrama, who says people drive way too fast.

He gives himself seven seconds between the car in front of him during a storm.

“The car in front of you, let’s say they hit a landmark. As soon as they hit that, you count — one Mississippi, two Mississippi, if you hit it before seven, you gotta slow down more,” he said.

Arthur Davis is a truck driver from Las Vegas who was caught in Thursday night’s storm.

He knows black ice isn’t always visible — but he’s looking, anyway.

“I look for shiny glare, from the reflection of the street on the roads. That’s what I look for — the glare of the roads, really, you gotta maintain a slow distance. A real slow distance,” he said.

“Don’t be in a rush to get to your destination, take your time,” added Davis.

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