MIDVALE (ABC4) – You may have already noticed by now, but fireworks are going off in celebration of Pioneer Day.  And while there is reason for celebration, First Responders are deeply concerned about the possibility of fires.

As families get together, first responders are out in full force through Sunday night.

“We are going to be enforcing heavily for those who are using fireworks in restricted areas,” says Unified Fire Authority’s Ryan Love.

Police and Fire personnel are hoping Utahns are willing to help.

“With this extreme drought, we are always looking to, you know, have the public help us with eliminating some of that potential for fireworks and fires related to that,” he says.

During the 4th of July, Love says crews went to 13 fires, 10 of which were dumpster fires.

Ryan Love Unified Fire Authority

“The ones that are most concerning to us are the dumpsters right next to the houses, and then it turns into a house fire,” Love adds. 

Firefighters tell ABC4 if you are going to lite the night sky up, do it in a legal area with a bucket of water nearby to put the fireworks in after they’re spent.

Fireworks Banned

“If you do lite fireworks off illegally in a restricted area, there are fines up to $1,000.” 

First Responders are taking up posts up high to see who is breaking the law.

Love hopes “people will be mindful and diligent with their fireworks again this Pioneer Day.”