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Watching Over His Hometown: Behind the Badge with Officer Spencer Carrier

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HIGHLAND, UTAH (ABC4 UTAH) He loves working in his hometown and he loves to ride motorcycles. And that is what he does everyday as a police officer.  Lone Peak Police Officer Spencer Carrier is out on patrol. And, he loves this point of view. “I can see so much more. I can smell so much more. Hear so much more. And I love motorcycles.”   
He says being a motorcycle cop allows him unique opportunities. “I can interact with people. If I come to a stop light and if they are texting on their phone – knock on their window and say Hey, put it away.” While Officer Carrier also patrols in a car – for the most part – he *and his one-thousand pound Harley Davidson Electra Glide serve and protect the citizens of Alpine and Highland – citizens of his home town. “My parents moved here when I was three years old. So, I grew up – elementary, jr high, high school – my friends are around here.”  Carrier completed the police academy and joined the Lone Peak P-D just two years ago. Six months ago he was named the department’s officer of the year. “This is the one place I wanted to come back and work – this is my community.” And he says watching over his community has been both positive and negative. “People I run into from high school – that have taken one of two paths. Some have gone down a path that is negative point of view from them that I am showing up because I have to make an arrest of someone I possibly know or something like that. Or it’s a good thing – I’ve helped a lot of people I know.”  
It’s that helping that the 28-year-old officer says he lives for and works for. “I love being able to help people – that is one of the biggest reasons I got into law enforcement. I just like to help people. And being able to know the people I help is that much more rewarding I guess you could say.” Carrier is the first to admit Alpine and Highland are not the highest crime areas. “Obviously were a smaller community – don’t have as much crime as other cities.” But he says officers here deal with crimes just like bigger cities. “We have the same calls though – just not the same volume of those calls. We definitely have our share.”  And he says he’s already had a few cases where guns have been drawn and hearts have been pounding. “We had a couple people running from us and at one point we had to get them out of the vehicle and throw them on the ground and had them at gunpoint. It comes with the career and the job.”   
Fortunately those type of cases don’t happen that often here. And Carrier says that allows him to use most of his time to focus being the type of officer he knew when he was grew up here. “All through high school and when I was a little kid and stuff – I had always really good experience with law enforcement.”  
Officer Carrier talks about being named officer of the year and how Las Vegas cops helped him make his decision to get into law enforcement. Hear what he says in our web extra.

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