Watchdog group says federal spending is wasting $14 billion in earmarks

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WASHINGTON D.C. (News4Utah)- A new report released suggests Congress is wasting $14 billion of your money.

Wednesday Citizens Against Government Waste (C.A.G.W.) released its annual “Pig Book”.

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst says the pig, named Faye symbolizes an ugly problem in Washington.

“Pork should be on our tables, but not part of our federal budget,” he said.

Ernst says the report shows billions of dollars of taxpayer money is being abused from $2.7 million to fund DC area entertainment venues like the Kennedy Center to $13 million to preserve opera houses and theaters.

The “Pig Book” details breakdown of 27 projects it says squanders taxpayer’s money.

North Carolina Congressman Mark Walker says Congress is approving projects that many states should fund themselves.

“It all sounds good on paper at first, but once you pull back a few layers, you realize just how much is wasted,” he said.

C.A.G.W. says it found the most waste occurring at the Pentagon where billions are spent to fund delayed F-35 jets to millions for medical research not associated with the military.

“The $9 billion in defense earmarks are up 73 percent over 2017,” Thomas Schztaz of C.A.G.W. said.

The group hopes by pointing out waste, taxpayers will demand more transparency and require Congress be more responsible with the government’s piggy bank.

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