WATCH: Near miss captured on dashcam after driver runs red light in Provo

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PROVO, Utah (ABC4 News) – Police are issuing a warning to drivers in the form of a dashcam video. The video captures a dramatic near miss in Provo after a driver ran a red light.

Provo officers shared the footage of an “awesome citizen” who could have been seriously injured had they not been paying attention as they proceeded through an intersection.

“Can any of you imagine if this AWESOME citizen were DISTRACTED DRIVING? This video in itself shows why it is so important to pay attention to the roadway and your surroundings! Please wear your seatbelt, drive safely and PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE.”


Utah Highway Patrol Sgt. Nick Street says while they may not have a lot of lights in their jurisdiction, they do have plenty in rural areas with them, not to mention roads like Bangerter Highway.

Street warns intersections are always a danger.

Utah laws indicate that even those waiting to make a left-hand turn at intersections must yield to oncoming traffic, even if it appears they may run a red light, says Street.

This can often lead to motorists sitting in the middle of an intersection when their light turns red, but in order to avoid a collision, they still need to make sure the oncoming driver is stopping before they can proceed through the intersection.

According to, there have been 48 fatal crashes at intersections in Utah since January 2019 and 7,191 crashes with injuries.

Last week, a pregnant mom and her baby, who was delivered shortly after the crash, both died after an 18-year-old ran a red light at the intersection of 3500 South and Bangerter Highway.

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