(ABC4) – Utah Highway Patrol says a driver was able to walk away from an alarming rollover crash largely thanks to his seatbelt.

In a dash camera video, time-stamped as October 8 at around 4:38 p.m., a trooper can be seen traveling on a highway amid rainy conditions. UHP says the rain was coming down harder than the windshield wipers could handle.

While traveling along the highway, the vehicle in the lane next to the trooper can be seen slowing down. Suddenly, a vehicle from the other side of the highway is seen hitting the median and rolling five or six times across the lanes.

WATCH: Dashcam video of Utah rollover

The pickup truck finally comes to a rest on its tires in the right ditch of the highway directly in front of the trooper. You can hear the crunching of the truck as it rolls across the roadway. The dash camera shows the UHP trooper come to a stop and rush out of his vehicle to the driver side of the truck.

Two people are then seen walking away from the crash.

“No doubt the driver would have been ejected had he not been wearing his seatbelt but as you can see they got out and WALK away,” UHP says in a Friday Facebook post. “The outcome of this crash is one that is important and needs to be shared! Please wear your seatbelts and please slow down in inclement weather.”