BOUNTIFUL, Utah (ABC4) – A cougar has been sighted in a Bountiful backyard.

According to a Facebook post shared by the Utah Division of Wildfire Resources, DWR, Winslow Young was alerted that there was active movement in his backyard Monday morning at 2:30 a.m.

Turns out the commotion was a mountain lion. DWR officials say spotting Mountain Lions in this area just above the Mueller Park entrance in Bountiful is common.

The DWR says if you live in cougar country, remember to remove wildlife attractants from your property, including pet food, water sources, bird feeders, and fallen fruit.

“If your property and landscaping are attractive to deer and other wildlife, cougars may follow the wildlife into your property while searching for prey,” as stated by the DWR.

The DWR lists the following tips for preventing cougar incidents:

  • Do not leave children outside unattended, especially at dawn and dusk
  • As a deterrent, install outside and motion-sensitive lighting around your property
  • Trim vegetation and remove wood piles to reduce hiding places for wildlife
  • Bring pets and livestock inside at night or secure them in a barn or kennel with a top
  • Provide secure shelter for hobby farm animals such as poultry, rabbits and goats