Warning about extension cord dangers after house fire kills cat

Local News

BOUNTIFUL, Utah (ABC 4 News) – The cause of a house fire in Bountiful that left a cat dead is an extension cord, according to firefighters.

“It’s a hard lesson to learn, having our house burn,” said Brandie Brouillette, the homeowner. She says the home has been in the family since the 1970s.

“The sad part about it, too, is that the cord was pinched under one of the legs of her bed. So the amount of electricity going through the cord and it being pinched sent a surge into our socket. Into the socket in her room and that’s what started the fire,” said Brouillette.

The message from firefighters is that extension cords need to be temporary solutions — not permanent ones.

“In yesterday’s incident, we had an extension cord that was cramped. So, if you have an extension cord cramped like this, the power over time is going to break down,” said Jeff Bassett with South Davis Metro Fire.

“We just want to remind everyone to not use extension cords as a permanent power supply. And to look at their power strips, and make sure that they do have a surge protector. Or some type of safety feature if they’re going to constantly have those on.,” added Bassett.

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