Volunteer describes Mexico City after devastating earthquake

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MEXICO CITY, Mexico (ABC4 Utah) The scene is grim but hopeful in and around Mexico City Wednesday evening. Survivors are coming together to find people buried by the rubble.

Tuesday’s 7.1 magnitude earthquake is still a heartache. Rescuers say silence is key in finding survivors because they have to be able to hear the faintest cry for help from people who may be buried by rubble.

Many businesses were closed Wednesday in Mexico City, so people could help crews clear debris and find survivors.

One of the volunteers described her experience in Mexico City.

“There’s no electricity and no gas so we couldn’t cook. We went out searching for food and ended up at one of the sites of one of the buildings that had collapsed, and we just joined in. There was a mass of people, hundreds of people on all of the sides, we just joined in a line and started clearing the rubble,” said Theresa Highsmith who lives in Mexico City.

Highsmith says there are a number of reputable relief organizations that are working directly in the hardest hit areas.

If you’d like to help out by making a donation, here are some organizations you can consider supporting.

1. Los Topos Mexicanos Los Topos / THE MOLES – a rescue brigade that works digging people out of fallen buildings
Bank name: Santander 
Account number: 92000709294 
CLABE 014180920007092942 (Interbank transfers from a Mexican bank account)
Paypal: donativos@brigada-rescate-topos.org
2. CRUZ ROJA MEXICANA (Red Cross Mexico)
Account holder name: Cruz Roja Mexicana IAP
SWIFT Code: BMSXMXMM (International transfers)
CLABE 012180004040404062 (Interbank transfers from a Mexican bank account)
Account number: 0404040406
Bank name: Bancomer
Address: Ejercito Nacional No 1032, Colonia Los Morales, Zip Code 11510

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