VASA Fitness employee accused of stealing $3k from customer’s credit card

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CLINTON, Utah (ABC4 News) – A VASA Fitness employee was arrested after police said he stole $3,000 from a customer’s credit card and transferred it to his account.

According to charging documents, Isaiah Joseph Archuleta is facing one second-degree felony count of communications fraud.

Police said on Oct 4, the victim went to the Vasa Fitness in Clinton and wanted to change their membership. Archuleta asked them for their credit card and their pin number to complete the membership changes.

After the transaction was complete, the victim went into the gym and during their workout, they said Archuleta made multiple contacts with them, asking for their last four digits of their Social Security Number and their phone, which they gave him.

Archuleta physically obtained the phone and later returned it to the victim, charging documents state.

After the victim left the Vasa Fitness, they attempted to use the card and they discovered that their pin was “blocked”. Court records state the victim contacted their bank and was informed that someone called them an hour prior and attempted a transaction on their account but failed to answer the security questions correctly.

The victim then contacted the Vasa Fitness’s main office and asked if it was common practice for their employee’s to request personal information like this and they were informed it was not.

On Monday, the victim contacted police saying there was a transfer from their account to Archuleta’s via phone or web on October 4 in the amount of $3,000.00 with a cash advance fee of $45.00.

Police were able to confirm the account did belong to Archuleta. The bank has since reversed the transaction to the victim’s account.

When police attempted to interview Archuleta, he requested a lawyer.

Archuleta does not have any criminal history in Utah.

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