SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – A healthcare company serving Utah has announced a new partnership to eradicate millions of dollars in overdue medical bills.

Nomi Health is partnering with RIP Medical Debt to eliminate more than $225 million in medical bills. Nearly $2 million has been put forth by Nomi to purchase outstanding debt, relieving more than 176,000 living in Utah, Florida, Colorado, and Nebraska of their debt loads.

According to Nomi, the money owed has “accumulated from surprise billing and high healthcare costs before the pandemic.” For some, this has lead to wage garnishment, liens, and other burdensome debt collection tactics.

Nomi says the debt it is absolving is for individuals meeting RIP’s criteria of living at two times or below the poverty line, or those whose debts are 5% or more of their annual income.

RIP Medical Debt was founded in 2014. The group works to use donations to buy large bundles of medical debt and relieve the debt with no tax consequences to donors or recipients. According to its website, RIP Medical Debt has eradicated $5,000,010,000 in medical debts so far.

Here is a breakdown of Nomi’s debt relief payments:

  • Florida: Over $118 million of healthcare debt will be forgiven for nearly 100,000 state residents;
  • Utah: Over $100 million in healthcare debt will be relieved for more than 73,000 residents, focused on rural and socio-economically impacted communities;
  • Colorado: Over $5 million dollars in healthcare debt – RIP Medical Debt’s entire current state portfolio – will be abolished for over 5,500 state residents; and
  • Nebraska: Nearly $75,000 in healthcare debt – RIP Medical Debt’s entire current state portfolio – will be wiped out for the entire state.

A recent Gallup study shows nearly one-fifth of all Americans struggle to afford healthcare services. Nomi patients benefitting from this relief will receive branded RIP letters in the mail confirming their debt pay-off starting in October.