UTAH (ABC4) – Utah, which is commonly known as the Beehive State may now have a new nickname: The Be Kind State.

Utah Gov. Cox declared that April 12, 2022, would be remembered as “One Kind Act a Day” Day in Utah. The initiative was brought about in order to encourage people from all over the world in delivering one act of kindness every day.

“Kindness can be as simple as a single smile, a thoughtful text message to a friend, or just a small, unexpected gesture, the effects can be powerful,” Governor Cox stated in his declaration. “One act of kindness can brighten a moment, lift someone’s spirits, and turn a bad day into a good story.”

Gov. Cox was joined by the Semnani Family Foundation which started the celebration of kindness in downtown Salt Lake City. This celebration will now serve as the blueprint for a global campaign.

The campaign has already put up billboards, social media posts and videos in order to spread the message.

To learn more about the One Kind Act a Day movement visit ThePowerOfKind.org.