UTAH (ABC4) – It’s that time of year when witches, ghouls, ghosts, and goblins come out of the shadows and play tricks on unsuspecting victims who don’t offer treats on Halloween. As Halloween draws near, here is what we can expect to be the most popular costumes this year.

Fashion experts with Boohoo used data from Google Trends to find the most searched-for costumes in every state across the country over the past month in both pop-culture and classic costumes.

The search for ghost costumes topped the charts for Utah as the most popular classic costume. Meanwhile, the release of Top Gun: Maverick in May earlier this year is influencing dress-up choices this Halloween with Top Gun leading pop-culture costume searches in the Beehive State. 

Across the nation, DC Comics’ Harley Quinn is still the most popular character to dress as. The once-proclaimed “Cupid of Crime” was the most searched-for costume in 13 states and, according to Boohoo, has been since 2016 with the release of Suicide Squad. 

Everyone’s favorite horror doll come to life, Chucky, was the second most popular costume this year, topping the charts in nine states.

For those who love the classics, Witches are a popular trend nationwide with 20 states searching for ‘witch costume.’ With the recent release of the sequel to the ever-loved Hocus Pocus, witches might be more popular than ever. 

Below is the full list of states and their most popular costumes whether inspired pop culture or the classics:

            State         Pop Culture Costume         Classic Costume 
        Alabama     Chucky     Witch 
        Alaska     Harley Quinn     Witch 
        Arizona     Poison Ivy     Ghost 
        Arkansas     Michael Myers     Devil 
        California     Chucky     Witch 
        Colorado     Jack Skellington     Witch 
        Connecticut     Chucky     Ghost 
        Delaware     Hocus Pocus     Cat 
        Florida     Hocus Pocus     Witch 
        Georgia     Stranger Things     Fairy 
        Hawaii     Minion     Witch 
        Idaho     Top Gun     Pirate 
        Illinois     Chucky     Ghost 
        Indiana     Harley Quinn     Fairy 
        Iowa     Poison Ivy     Witch 
        Kansas     Hocus Pocus     Witch 
        Kentucky     Michael Myers     Devil 
        Louisiana     Harley Quinn     Pirate 
        Maine     Jack Skellington     Devil 
        Maryland     Harley Quinn     Fairy 
        Massachusetts    Top Gun     Devil 
        Michigan     Minion     Witch 
        Minnesota     Minion     Fairy 
        Mississippi     Harley Quinn     Fairy 
        Missouri     Harley Quinn     Witch  
        Montana     Minion     Witch 
        Nebraska     Chucky     Dinosaur 
        Nevada     Top Gun     Fairy 
        New Hampshire     Harley Quinn     Cat 
        New Jersey     Chucky     Witch 
        New Mexico     Chucky     Cat 
        New York     Chucky     Witch 
        North Carolina     Harley Quinn     Witch 
        North Dakota     Harley Quinn     Pirate 
        Ohio     Harley Quinn     Witch 
        Oklahoma     Poison Ivy     Fairy 
        Oregon     Poison Ivy     Dinosaur 
        Pennsylvania      Stranger Things     Cat 
        Rhode Island     Chucky     Witch 
        South Carolina     Harley Quinn     Pirate 
        South Dakota      Harley Quinn     Dinosaur 
        Tennessee     Top Gun     Witch 
        Texas     Harley Quinn     Witch 
        Utah     Top Gun     Ghost 
        Vermont     Stranger Things     Pirate 
        Virginia      Stranger Things     Witch 
        Washington     Hocus Pocus     Witch 
        West Virginia     Top Gun     Devil 
        Wisconsin     Stranger Things     Ghost 
        Wyoming     Minion     Pirate