SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – Utah’s ethnic and racial minority leaders issued a statement on Cottonwood Heights Police Department’s “heavy-handed response” to peaceful protesters Sunday.

Utah lawmakers, Senators Luz Escamilla, Jani Iwamoto, Representatives Angela Romero, Karen Kwan, Mark Wheatley, and Sandra Hollins issued the following statement Monday.

“What happened yesterday in Cottonwood Heights was a shocking display of police overreaction to an otherwise peaceful protest. The group of protesters, which included some city and state officials, were there to express concerns about law enforcement reacting too quickly with violence – and that is exactly what we all saw. There is no excuse for the CHPD using such a heavy-handed approach, with some officers dressed in full military combat gear, for what would have otherwise been a nonviolent Sunday protest. 

Yesterday’s incident in Cottonwood Heights needs to be thoroughly investigated.  This incident affirms our calls for comprehensive, immediate, and statewide policies for police reform and de-escalation training.”