Utah’s construction industry faces worker shortage

Local News
With a current shortage of workers in construction Geneva Rock wants to clear up some misconceptions about working in the industry.  
Bryan Flake, Geneva Rock Director of Human Resources, Casey Harris, Superintendent in Construction and Nichole Hansen, a driver in the construction trucking division, talk more about what the industry is facing. 
The worker shortage is not only felt in Utah, but nationwide. It has also affected all types of construction. This is caused partly because the retiring workforce is not being replaced fast enough. 
There is also a misconception that construction jobs don’t pay well. Many construction workers earn more per hour than university graduates.
If younger generations understood what working in construction means in the modern age, it might be a lot more appealing. The construction industry uses a variety of high tech equipment including GPS-guided machinery, robots, 3D modeling, drones, and more. 
Geneva Rock wants to bring back the pride in construction and building America. For more information visit genevaorock.com

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