SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – The abortion ban began in Texas Wednesday, and it is more restrictive than Utah’s abortion ban. Like the U.S. Supreme Court’s 5-4 vote, Utahns are just as divided on the issue.

“Absolutely thrilled with this decision,” Abortion-Free Utah Coalition Chairman Merrilee Boyack says after the ruling Thursday.

“This is a really hard day for reproductive rights,” Katie Matheson Alliance for a Better Utah shares.

Better Utah and Abortion-Free Utah are two organizations divided over the Supreme Court upholding Texas’ ban on abortions as early as six weeks with no exemptions for rape or incest.

“We believe that this is a shift in our overall society,” Boyack explains. “People are realizing that those babies are real human beings. We are seeing them at younger and younger ages I think this law honors that.”

“We believe in a persons right to their own body,” Matheson explains. “We can’t know why any individual person might make a decision to have an abortion but we do know that decision must remain with that person in consultation with their family, faith, and physician.”

In Utah, law prohibits most abortions with exceptions for rape or incest. The law requires women to wait 72 hours before the procedure and after an informed consent session.

Utah is among eleven other states that joined a Mississippi case asking the mostly conservative Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade.

“Depending on the Supreme Courts decision in that case a lot of states including Utah will have a lot of direction on how their laws will be supported by the Supreme Court this decision in the fall on the Mississippi case will have wide range impacts,” Attorney Greg Skordas explains.

Meantime, two sides waiting to see what the Supreme Court decides.

“Make a difference to saving babies lives,” Boyack says.

“One thing to remember is abortion is still legal in Utah right now,” Matheson states.

Better Utah says 60% of polled Utahns do not want more abortion restrictions.

As for Texas, abortion and other women’s health clinics there have already stopped scheduling the procedure.