UTAH (ABC4) – According to a study done on the most commonly Googled dreams in each state, Utahns most commonly dream of the “cheating partner.”

The study analyzes more than 9,000 Google searches relating to dreams over the course of two years, and is divided by state.

The results indicate that there are regional trends, as in the South, in states like Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, etc., people commonly dream of snakes. The data is reflective of the environment, as the climate is such that snakes and reptiles are more common.

Likewise, Florida’s most commonly Googled dream search is alligators.

On the West Coast, people commonly have dreams of romance, or love, as the most commonly searched term in California and Arizona is about one’s love interest/crush.

In other states, however, the dreams take a darker turn, with people in Nevada dreaming of death, and folks in Utah, Idaho, and Montana dreaming of their partners cheating on them.

Furthermore, the study looks at specific cities, and the data correlates the same.

For example, people in New York City dream about rats, and people in Los Angeles dream about tsunamis.

According to the study, the most searched dream revolves around teeth or losing teeth, followed by snakes, horses, and love interest.