Utahns head to Wyoming hoping for Mega Millions

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Evanston, WY (News4Utah) – Utahns with fistfuls of cash and dreams of riches had 667 million reasons to make the drive to this border town Tuesday, all hoping to win a record Mega Millions Lottery jackpot worth two-thirds of a billion dollars.

A steady stream of Lotto players from Utah filed into Discount Liquors about 4 miles from the state line to purchase tickets for the Tuesday night drawing.

Dave O’Connell is the co-owner of Discount Liquors.

“Probably 75 percent business from lottery is Utah,” O’Connell told News4Utah. “The other is local or travelling through or whatever but Utah is our main business.”

“Evanston is one of the closest places to get it from where I live,” Salt Lake City resident Julie Jolley. “But it’s also better that going to Idaho because there’s no state tax in Wyoming.

Lynn Stark of West Point was there buying tickets from him and his wife and had plans for the jackpot.

“Of course it would be sharing with family and friends,” Starks said. “Also you know charitable type things too but the first thing would be pay off the bills.” 

Fred and Sue St. Pierre from Aurora, Utah made the trek to buy $100 worth of tickets.

“We’re going to win it for sure,” Sue said.

And what would they do with two-thirds of a billion dollars?

“Pay off bills,” Fred said.

“Pay off bills, help family, you know family, we’ll share,” Sue said. “Luxuries? You bet. Maybe a houseboat.”
Jolley said she would buy a house.

“The house. Definitely the house. It’s gotta have a pool and a library,” Jolley said. “It’s fun to hope and it’s fun to figure out what you would do because it’s kind of like a puzzle. It’s like if you actually won, what would you do and what would you have to avoid?” 

Fred St. Pierre said a winning ticket would be his ticket to retirement.

“I’ve been working 40 years in a coal mine I’d retire,” he said. “Immediately.”

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