SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Coronavirus numbers are dropping in Utah and across the country. The CDC reports the last seven-day average is an 18 percent drop compared to last week.

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Friday, the Utah Department of Health told ABC4 there were only 300 new positive cases of COVID-19.

It’s a big decline from what the state was accustomed to this time last year.

Marty who was enjoying the day at Liberty Park tells us, “Well I’m glad they are going down. There are still like 300 a day which is 2,100 a week, so we are trending downwards but we are not out of the woods yet.”

That’s why doctors are making the vaccine more accessible in a more private setting.

“It allows patients who are still on the fence who are making important decisions about should I be vaccinated when should I be vaccinated, when should I be vaccinated. It puts that vaccination step closer to the providers that can help inform patients,” says Dr. Brandon Webb, an infectious disease doctor at Intermountain Healthcare.

Dr. Webb is an infectious disease doctor at Intermountain Healthcare. He says 44 percent of Utahns got the vaccine so far.

“A lot more people are getting vaccinated so that is good to see,” says a happy Marion Conard.

Dr. Webb adds, “And if you add to that the patients who have not been vaccinated but have recently had COVID-19, and had natural immunity that means our heard immunity numbers are up above 50 percent. And, that is terrific.”

Other signs of the low virus counts come from Salt Lake County Health Department. Officials will be closing the Maverik center COVID testing site on the 28th.

And before that happens, the University of Utah tells ABC4 News masks won’t be required on campus come the 24th.

All of this due to low COVID-19 case counts.