SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Once again, Utah finds itself at the top of the list for the “Most Charitable State in America,” according to a recent study published by WalletHub.

According to the study’s results, Utah has the highest volunteer rate at 40.7% and the most volunteer hours per capita at 39.42 hours. WalletHub experts said Utah’s “religiously devout” population and spiritual beliefs are the foundation for Utah’s constant philanthropy.

“Our study found Utah residents to be the most financially generous out of all the states, donating 3.89% of their income to help those in need,” commented WalletHub. “Plus, more than half of the Beehive State’s population donates their time to a good cause. The Utah Nonprofits Association even invites nonprofits to nominate their star volunteers to receive the ‘Hearts & Hands Award’ during their annual Philanthropy Day celebration, highlighting their dedication to supporting their community.”

In order to determine Utah as the most philanthropic state, WalletHub compared all 50 states in the union in 19 metrics across two dimensions: Volunteering and Service and Charitable Giving.

Utah performed particularly well with the highest volunteer rate and tied for the highest percentage of donated income. Arkansas residents also donate a significant portion of their income, according to WalletHub’s data. Utahns also donate the most time and have the second-highest percentage of the population who donate money to charities and good causes.

Interestingly, however, Utah ranked dead last for the amount of charities per capita in the nation.

This isn’t the first time that Utah has earned the title from WalletHub’s annual study. Utah was ranked as the most charitable state in 2022 and has consistently ranked at or near the top in years prior.

This year, Wyoming and Minnesota join Utah as the most giving states in the nation. Utah’s four-corner neighbors, Arizona and New Mexico ranked as the least charitable, according to the data.

As a whole, the United States has proven to be more giving with its time and money last year. In 2021, the United States ranked 19th among the most generous countries in the world, according to the World Giving Index. For 2022, the U.S. rose significantly to third.

You can see the full study on WalletHub.