SALT LAKE VALLEY – Utahns from all over the valley are reaching out on social media trying to find their lost pets or help to find the owners of animals they have found.

Earthquakes can be traumatic for animals and they often hide or run off to find shelter. Animals are unable to process what is happening and take off from their homes, leaving their owners to engage in a frantic search to find them.

Callista Pearson from the Salt Lake County Animal Services said if someone finds and contains a stray pet to call their local animal control.

If the animal is in our jurisdiction, our officer will come get the animal. We scan them for a microchip first and try to return the animal in the field rather then bring them to the shelter. If we’re unable to locate the owner, we take the pets to the shelter, take photos and post them on our Lost Pet page. The best way to ensure a pet returns to its owner, is by taking them to the shelter.

There are also several lost and found Facebook pages to help list pets you are missing our any that you have found.

Pearson also had recommendations on how to calm your pets during traumatic events:

Return to normal! Grab their favorite toy and “Play” This is a great distraction and our dog’s watch us for cues, if we are acting like things are ok and we can play they will generally follow suit. Try to create familiar noise in the house. Anything you can do to drown out the outside will be helpful. Turn on the TV or play some music, even a fan or sound machine can help diffuse the sound and make it less startling for your pet. Playing music is soothing and helps to cut outside noise down. You can try a CD like “Through a dogs ear”

Additional suggestions to help your pets:

CBD oils can help pets relax – found at local pet food stores like Paw Paws Dog Wash, the Dogs Meow, or Natural Grocers.

Lavender oil or other calming oils – can be used in your house to calm everyone. There is also Thundershirts for both cats and dogs to help calm them.

For both cats and dogs, licking can be a way for them to self sooth – give them something to lick like a mat or a wall ball to help them in this stressful time. Put some peanut butter in a kong and freeze it for dogs, or put out soft food for cats

Rescue remedy for pets: Cats and dogs

Chewing can also help de-stress a dog so provide them with their favorite bone, Nyla bone, Frozen stuffed Kong, Gorilla chew

ABC4 wants to help and have created a gallery of pets lost, or some found, during Wednesdays earthquake.

We will try to keep this list updated as best as possible.

If your pet is listed here, and you find your animal,please let us know by emailing us at

If you lost your pet, or found one, and would them included, please emailing us at

This is by no means a full list but here are some of those still missing after Wednesday:

Found Pets: