SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Do you think your dog’s name is unique in Utah? Well, if your furry friend’s name is Bella, Luna or Daisy, you might be disappointed.

U.S. News and World Reports released data about the most popular dog names in the United States, revealing Bella as the most popular dog name in the State of Utah. In fact, Bella is not only the most popular name in Utah but the most popular in 36 other states and the District of Colombia.

In general, U.S. News revealed Utahns aren’t very creative when it comes to naming their pets.

Aside from Bella, Utah’s favorite dog names are Luna, Daisy and Max, which fall in line with the Top 4 names nationwide. Utahns break the mold, however, with its fifth most popular dog name: Bear. Bear is barely in the Top 20 of popular dog names nationwide.

“It turns out, we love a lot of the same dog names — and Fido nor Spot nor Rover even made the Top 100 list,” said U.S. News’ 360 Reviews Senior Editor Scott Nyerges. “Instead, Americans in 2023 are big fans of name references from books in modern pop culture and ancient mythology.”

In order to get its data, U.S. News analyzed more than 800,000 data points from a third-party pet insurance company between September and October 2023. Those data points included dog names and state residences, which analysts filtered to show the most popular names for each state.

The data points showed that nearly 11,000 dogs out of the 800,000-plus sample size were named Bella.

Nyerges said standouts included several Marvel-popular names of ancient mythology such as Loki and Thor, which ranked 38 and 76, respectively. Food-related names were also fairly popular nationwide such as Oreo (No. 44), Pepper (No. 52), and Honey (No. 71).

Dogs named after other animals, such as “Bear,” seem to be pretty unique nationwide. After Bear comes in at No. 17, Moose is the next most common animal-related dog name at No. 78.

If you’re looking for an even more unique name for your new family member, names such as Layla, Henry and Gigi ranked the lowest of the Top 100 dog names.

You can see the full list of popular dog names according to U.S. News’ findings here.