SACRAMENTO, Calif. (ABC4 News) – A Utah man who recently returned to the United States from a quarantined cruise ship tested positive for coronavirus.

Mark Jorgensen, a resident of St. George, is one of the hundreds of Americans who arrived at military bases in California and Texas for the second round of quarantine.

“Well, I just got the news I’ve been dreading,” Jorgensen wrote in a post on Facebook. “I’ve tested positive for the coronavirus.”

Jorgensen, who was under the second round of quarantine at Travis Air Force Base near Sacramento, said he would be transferring to a local hospital within a few hours.

Jorgensen and his wife, Jerri, were passengers on the Diamond Princess cruise ship. The ship completed a 14-day tour stopping at Hong Kong and several other Asian ports before returning to Japan.

An 80-year-old man who disembarked in Hong Kong tested positive for the virus, prompting Hong Kong government officials to notify the ship and Japanese authorities.

Officials ordered a two-week quarantine for around 3,700 passengers on the ship. Since then, medical personnel have recorded hundreds of cases on board.

Jerri Jorgensen tested positive for the virus about 10 days ago while she and Mark were waiting out the initial quarantine period. She was taken off the ship and transported to a Japanese hospital.