Ornaments on a beard. That simple concept has made Utahn Jason McOmber a lot of money.

McOmber is the owner of “Beardaments”. He started the company 5 years ago.

“We put Christmas ornaments in beards,” he said. “[I] did it for fun one time at a party and it’s really taken off.”

He says his first year of the business they made $80,000 in sales. The second year he says the company made $155,000 in sales, and last year $462,000 in sales. They’re projected to do about $600-700,00 this year.

Back in February a producer from the hit ABC show “Shark Tank” called an invited him on the show. His episode aired Sunday night.

In the end, Kevin O’Leary offered McOmber $150,000, but for a 25% stake, and he accepted.

Order your Beardament today on https://beardaments.com/ . Right now the company is offering a Shark Tank special. Get 15% off and free shipping to the U.S. with promo code SHARK15.

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