Utah woman’s popular Instagram account helps you take exotic vacations

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SALT LAKE CITY (News4Utah) – A Utah woman is taking a lot of the time-consuming work out of finding great flight deals from Salt Lake City to exotic locations. 

Emily Holt’s popular Instagram account @flightsfromhome (SALT LAKE), has taken off. 

The Utah attorney, wife and mother somehow finds time in her busy schedule to scour the internet for huge price drops in airfare, then she posts the deals on her Instagram account, complete with details about what dates the price is the lowest. 

Finding these great deals started as a unique hobby. 

“It started honestly just as a way to share deals with friends and family,” Holt told News4Utah. She would text or Facebook message the deals to her loved ones. But when she started a public Instagram account, it grew quickly, now boasting more than 143,000 followers. 

The deals aren’t secret, Hold said, they just can be hard – and time-consuming – to find. 

For example, Holt recently posted a deal to Cancun from SLC starting at just $210 roundtrip. The fares were gone within hours of her post. Sometimes, the layovers on these deals are long, which is why the fare is so cheap. Sometimes the airlines make a mistake in the pricing, Holt said. But many times, they honor the inexpensive fare.

“We just barely got back from Tahiti and New Zealand,” said Holt, who enjoys traveling to some of these faraway destinations with her family. 

For followers of her account or anyone looking to find an inexpensive getaway, her biggest advice is “don’t wait.”

“I say snatch up the deal when you see it, deal with finding babysitters, make sure you can get the time off work in the next 24 hours. If you can’t, you can sometimes cancel that original booking,” she said. 

Holt also advises people to be flexible with their travel dates and destinations. Sometimes that vacation to Germany may be more affordable if you land in Amsterdam and take the train. 

The Instagram account, she said, is a lot of work to maintain. She only has one other helper right now. To monetize her hard work, she has started a premium e-mail subscription list, sending exclusive deals to customers who subscribe for just $20 per year. 

“I mean it’s definitely not lucrative enough to quit our jobs,” Holt said. Still, she enjoys helping people find deals and make great memories. 

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