MAGNA, Utah (ABC4) – A Magna woman who shot and killed her husband, claiming self-defense, is now charged with first-degree murder.

Cynthia Vincent, 42, fatally shot her husband, 57-year-old Michael Vincent inside their martial arts studio in July 2021.

On July 6, police were called to the couple’s studio, after Cynthia Vincent called 911 reporting that she had shot her husband, charging documents state.

Police arrived on scene and found Michael Vincent dead, lying on the floor just inside the main entrance of the dojo.

Cynthia Vincent told police she and her husband had been fighting all weekend and shortly before the shooting, he had “assaulted her and strangled her,” according to the charges.

Cynthia Vincent also told police she had called a friend to come to pick Michael Vincent up and then told her husband that the friend was on the way. This is when she said, Michael Vincent lunged at her and she shot him.

When Cynthia Vincent described to detectives exactly where Michael’s body landed near the front door, she “immediately recognized that didn’t make sense if he was facing her when she shot him,” charging documents state. She then attempted to describe the chain of events again, which officers say she “appeared to be guessing at where they were standing during the shooting.”

Prosecutors say Cynthia Vincent’s recollection of the events was not supported by evidence. The evidence shows Michael was “leaving through the front door of the business when he was shot in the side of the head,” charging documents state.

Evidence also showed that Cynthia Vincent made the call to her friends to pick up her husband just one minute before she called 911.

When Police went to review security footage of the couple on July 5th, it showed Vincent and her husband “doing chores and interacting normally throughout the day.” The couple can be seen kissing on the footage as well, hours before the shooting.

Prosecutors say at no point in the available video is any violence observed. Although Vincent claims she was defending herself the footage shows her and the “victim throughout the day performing chores, talking, kissing, and other interactions,” prosecutors wrote in the charging documents.

After the shooting, Vincent “attempted to gain access to and close financial accounts that she previously shared with Michael Vincent.” Vincent was unable to do so because her husband had previously removed her from the accounts prior to his death.

The arrest warrant was issued Tuesday for Vincent.

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