SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – A Utah woman has been arrested a grand total of seven times in 19 days.

Multiple police records show the suspect, Rychelle Mary Hawker, 33, has been in and out of jail for a variety of incidents including theft, assault, lewdness, drug use, threat of violence, failure to stop at the command of a police officer and more.

The string of arrests began on March 28 when Hawker was arrested for shoplifting at a Walmart. During that incident, police say Hawker went around the store and began placing items into a shopping cart. She also allegedly changed her clothing and put on a bra grabbed from a store rack before pushing the shopping cart filled with unpaid clothing out of the store without paying for them.

Police say Hawker stole at least $1,500 worth of clothing during that event. When police arrested her, she admitted to being a “habitual shoplifter.”

On March 31, officers responded to a shoplifting incident involving Hawker at a 7-Eleven convenience store. The caller claims Hawker grabbed a beer and left without paying for it. She was arrested for theft and lewdness during that incident.

On that same day, Hawker was arrested again after reportedly fighting with officers. Police first noticed Hawker sleeping in the backseat of a vehicle they were investigating. When they questioned her, she allegedly began fighting with and resisting officers. She was arrested for interfering with an arresting officer.

On April 1, Hawker entered an auto repair shop and took several keys from a nearby pegboard. When a store employee spotted her, she fled from the store. The business owner was able to catch up with her during a short foot chase. Police say the owner grabbed the woman by the arm to detain her. At that time, Hawker bit the owner “on his index finger, causing a deep laceration.”

Police arrested her and after investigating, realized this was her third arrest in just 24 hours. 

On April 8, Hawker was arrested after threatening a relative while standing outside of her house. Hawker’s relative told officers Hawker had filled several empty alcohol bottles with gasoline. Police say Hawker kept threatening to light the bottles on fire before throwing them onto the house to burn it down. While calling the police, the relative said she was shoved to the ground by Hawker. After locking herself in the relative’s home, police finally arrived at the scene. They took Hawker into custody after catching her climbing out of a window. She mentioned something about “lizard people and admitted to smoking methamphetamine recently,” police wrote in arresting documents.

On April 15, Hawker was seen causing a disturbance at the same relative’s house. Police say there was an active temporary protective order in place between Hawker and the woman at the time. Even though Hawker was aware of the protective order, she said she came to the residence because she wanted to “hang out and do drugs.” The woman told officers Hawker walked into the home uninvited at one point.

On April 19, police found a truck parked in the middle of the road with the driver’s door opened. Police spotted Hawker running to the truck with a package in her hands. When police asked her to stop, she refused, hopped into the truck and sped away. She was later found by police and refused to surrender when asked. When she spotted police, she ran away on foot and into the back area of a home, evading officers. When she was finally apprehended, police discovered multiple stolen packages inside Hawker’s truck belonging to a nearby residence, arresting documents show.

During her arrest, authorities discovered Hawker was also an active suspect in an arson case out of Millcreek that occurred a few hours earlier.

On April 19, Hawker was arrested yet again after allegedly lighting a Molotov cocktail inside a Millcreek store so she could shoplift. Police say the incident happened at a Savers shop on Tuesday morning. Police say Hawker reportedly set a Molotov cocktail on fire with an open flame before driving away in a stolen truck.

Hawker was later booked into the Salt Lake County Jail on three counts of possession of an explosive device and one count of aggravated arson — all first-degree felonies.