UTAH (ABC4) – The Utah Treasure Hunt is back this year for its fourth year, with a whopping $20,000 prize to be found.

Organizers, John Maxim and David Cline, will announce the official details of the treasure hunt on Instagram on Friday, June 3. Here is one page where you can find out.

While finding the money would be a great prize, the organizers say this is their way of giving back to the community. “Each year we do this, you can noticeably see an uptick in hikers. The real treasure is seeing families spend time together,” Maxim adds.

Ten teams will compete for the $20,000 prize over the course of a few days. To become one of the ten teams you must win a side quest. Side quests are little contests that normally take no more than one day.

The record thus far for finding the treasure is 17 days but the organizers say they hope it will take you a little longer this year to find it.