PROVO, Utah (ABC4) – A teenager was arrested for attacking a nurse at Utah Valley Regional Hospital on Sunday.

West Jordan Police say 19-year-old Nika Podoprygora, who was also a patient, attacked a nurse after she couldn’t receive an item she was not permitted to have.

According to arrest documents, the victim says the suspect grabbed his throat and dug her nails into him. The victim was left with several scratches and puncture wounds on his neck, police say. Police also say the suspect left a one-inch laceration on the nurse’s head after scratching him.

The victim says the woman has assaulted another staff member earlier in the day after they were unable to calm her down with medication.

The victim says he desired to press charges.

The suspect has been arrested on one count of assault. She was discharged from the hospital and transported to the Utah County Jail.