UPDATE: Police say Lizzy is safe.

“On July 11, 2019, we received notice from Lizzy’s mother that Lizzy had retained an attorney to represent her independently of either parent in an ongoing custody dispute.”

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SOUTH JORDAN, Utah (ABC4 News) – A 16-year-old girl who ran away from South Jordan at the beginning of June has still not been found, and her mother is pleading for her safe return.

Elizabeth “Lizzy” Davis disappeared on June 4. The month and a half, since she left, has consumed her mother with the “worst possible scenarios” every single minute of the day.

“It’s breaking my heart, we haven’t heard anything,” Yahvel Murphy told ABC4 News “There’s been no tips coming in. Nobody knows nothing.”

The mother of three says her daughter frequents Fashion Place Mall in Murray and Sunset Coffee in Sandy. She has searched those places and others and there’s still no sign of Lizzy.

“It’s the most heart-wrenching experience that I’ve ever had to go through and I just want to know that she’s alive,” said Murphy.

In a post on the FindLizzy Facebook, Murphy said Tuesday marks 42 days since she last saw her daughter.

“Please if you are in contact with Lizzy we need to know someone has seen her… We need to know she is alive and okay… I am begging please who ever is involved or has seen Lizzy please… contact me, law enforcement or Saint Anthonys… whoever. Just please… it’s time for her eye appointment- shes in needs of more contacts… she can’t see with out her contacts. (She does not wear glasses.) Please I am begging,” said the Facebook post.

One of Murphy’s biggest fears is what if her daughter has become a victim of sex trafficking?

“Kids just don’t disappear like that,” explained Mark Birch.

Birch is a private investigator with the St. Anthony Project.

“I’ve seen what happens when you’re out there on your own, especially these young girls, these young ladies. They are falling prey to people who are looking for the needy child. They give them food, they give them support, and then they draw them into a lifestyle that involves drugs and sex and behaviors that are just going to ruin these children.”

He says in some cases the consequences can be deadly.

With the recent news of missing people ending up deceased and the heartache that those families must be going through, everybody that has a missing daughter right now is just aching inside to find out of their child is alive,” Birch said.

“This is the kind of thing you read about or you see on the news. You don’t live this life. Not Lizzy. Not my Lizzy.”

If you see Lizzy, immediately call the St. Anthony Project Missing Persons Hotline (385) 437-3900 to report.

If you or someone you know is a victim of human trafficking call the National Human Trafficking Hotline(888) 373-7888. The resource is free and confidential 24/7.

For trafficking resources, click here.

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