SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – A special education teacher in the Granite School District was charged on Monday after hitting a student with disabilities.

According to charging documents, on Feb. 16, 57-year-old Cindy Bell of Sandy was reading a story to a special-needs class at Silver Hills Elementary, but her students were “having a difficult time paying attention.”

A teacher’s aide told police that she could tell Bell was “upset and annoyed.”

Bell asked another teacher’s aide to continue reading the story. Bell then walked away and tripped over a 7-year-old student who was sat on the floor.

Bell then got up and walked to her desk and appeared “visibly frustrated,” charging documents said.

Another student began mimicking Bell and “falling onto the other students,” charging documents said.

A teacher’s aide then tried to “help get the other student under control,” but Bell yelled she “would take care of it,” charging documents said.

A witness told police that she looked over and saw a student on his knees and Bell hit the student on the back of the head three times.

The student then said “you hit me, you hit me,” and started to cry, charging documents said.

Bell has been charged with one count of abuse of a disabled child.

According to Granite School District spokesman Ben Horsley, Bell was placed on administrative leave on Feb. 17 and resigned from her position on April 5. She had worked for the Granite School District since 2001.