Utah Task Force One arrives home safely

Local News

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 news) The Utah Task Force One make it back home after being deployed to Texas for Hurricane Harvey for two weeks. Captain Matt Hambleton joined Good Morning Utah with Emily Clark to talk about their journey.

On Wednesday night, dozens of Utah Task Force 1 members returned home from Texas, where they provided assistance in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

They helped rescued 340 people – even helping to deliver a baby.

Shauna Lawrence is a member of Task Force 1, but was stationed in Utah as her husband was deployed.

“It’s tough. it’s always tough to have your spouse gone. It’s also tough to have them gone when they’re in a natural disaster. You worry about them,” said Lawrence.

In a convoy, the vehicles – trucks, boats and even a couple of semis – arrived in West Jordan. 

The crew members are mandated to take 48 hours off, but they say if their assistance is requested in Florida, they will be ready to help those affected by Hurricane Irma.

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