Utah survivors of Route 91 shooting return to Las Vegas for anniversary

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (News4Utah) – Kristi Schreiber was at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas with her daughter in 2017 when a gunman opened fire on the crowd killing 58 people, and injuring hundreds more. On Monday she was back with other survivors to remember and heal.

“Today has been a very emotional day, lots of tears shed,” said Schreiber.

There were several memorials and events set up in the city to remember those killed and injured. While it was tough being there Schreiber thought it was important.

“Bringing closure to what has happened that night,” said Schreiber. “Not that we’re ever going to forget, but it’s helped us get closer to each other.”

ABC4 first introduced people to Schreiber back in July in Tooele County during Country Fanfest. It was the first time she and several other survivors had been to a concert since the shooting. They note how important that was.

“We’ve been going to concerts and not letting him win,” said Schreiber.

Schreiber said her daughter hasn’t been able to go back to a concert yet, because it’s too difficult. Other young survivors have also found it hard to cope with what happened.

Many have found it comforting to meet with others including the family members of those lost. There were several memorials honoring the 58 people killed, and many have referred to them as the “their angels.”

Schreiber said the event and those lost has also reminded her to be better at living and enjoying life.

“When we feel like we want to give up, and give in and just be done,” said Schreiber. “It’s then when they say no you can’t give in you can’t be done.”

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