Utah stepping up its COVID-19 vaccination efforts

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SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Utah has ramped up its COVID-19 vaccination efforts this week. It was lagging behind ever since the state was given 40% fewer vaccines than expected.

The first COVID-19 vaccine was given on Dec 14. From that date through Dec. 27, 17,543 people were vaccinated. Then, between Dec. 27 and 28 another 6,427 people took the COVID-19 vaccine. That rate is almost three times more than the first two weeks.

Rich Lakin, Utah’s immunization program manager, spoke about the increase Wednesday, noting Utah’s healthcare is ramping up the speed at which it gives the vaccine.

Lakin said that the vaccines have to be used before they go bad.

Intermountain Healthcare said since the Moderna vaccine was approved a week ahead of time, more Utahns now have access to getting vaccinated.

“The vaccinations are moving faster because hospitals are picking up the pace and local health departments now are also vaccinating,” said Lakin.

Lakin said nobody has yet to report any serious side effects from the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

He said the second dose should arrive within a week.

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