OGDEN, Utah (ABC4) – Both Senator Mitt Romney and Senator Mike Lee attended the opening of a new biotech facility in Ogden.  

Many people spoke about how impressive Utah’s workforce is and said that is the reason companies are manufacturing here. 

Senator Mitt Romney and Senator Mike Lee made a rare appearance together at the opening of ThermoFisher’s new manufacturing facility in Ogden. 

The facility produces technology for new medicine and vaccines like COVID-19.

“The need for medicine and more effective medicines is certainly increasing with our population,” Mitch Kennedy, president of single-use technology business for ThermoFisher said.

Leaders said our manufacturing is what keeps our economy alive in the state. 

“Why do we come out of every economic downturn, better than anywhere else in the nation? It’s manufacturing,” Rep. Blake Moore said.

The new facility hired 300 employees with more jobs on the way, the facility was designed to hire 450.

Our local and federal leaders said our strong workforce is the reason more companies are coming to the state. 

“These are people who show up on time and put in a full day’s work,” Sen. Romney said. 

Sen. Romney said Utah provides the right kind of education for these jobs, as well as the right environment to attract companies to come here.

“We also make sure in Utah we bring in the right kind of employers that people actually want to work for,” Sen. Romney said. 

Sen. Lee said the amount of people being affected by this new facility is much greater than those sitting at the event tent in attendance. 

“We have to expand it a lot more however if we were to include all the people who will benefit from what will be produced here,” Lee said.

The company says they now employ 2,000 people in the state.