UTAH (ABC4) – A bill that will establish an open process, allowing parents to review and recommend instructional materials to school boards across the state passed through a Utah Senate committee Thursday.

Bill S.B. 114 establishes an open process involving parents of students enrolled in the school district to review and recommend curriculum – but with school board approval.

Under this bill, school boards will have to post recommendations online for a period of no less than 30 days to allow for public review.

School boards will then hold a public hearing on any recommendation, materials, or resources before adopting the recommendation or approving materials or resources that provide an opportunity for parents of students enrolled in the district to express their views and opinions on the curriculum.

The school material or resources will then have to be approved in an open and regular board meeting in which parents will be given prior notice of.

The bill was proposed by Senator Lincoln Fillmore and has been largely supported by Utah Parents United who have also become a large force in attempting to remove certain books from public school libraries by urging parents to request library audits of a specific list of books.

Just last month, a southern Utah school district banned two historically relevant books from its libraries after one parent’s complaint.