HOLLADAY, Utah (ABC4) – Schools in the Granite School District have been upgrading for school safety for years.

On Wednesday, ABC4 toured one elementary school which featured key cards, new cameras, and an extra key card necessary to access the office.

“Just creating barriers. Making it very difficult to access the building in and of itself,” said Benjamin Horsley with Granite School District.

“The primary concern we see on a day to day basis is out of control parents. And threats coming in from the general public,” added Horsley.

The district has also added these measures, according to information sent out to parents:

Secure foyers/entry access points to elementary schools and several junior high schools. We still have a handful of these projects remaining districtwide and we anticipate they will be completed by next Spring.

-Single access entry (where possible) with key card access for employees including on all exterior buildings/relocatable doors. 

-School check-in protocols for all visitors with an instantaneous background check system.

-ID badge/visitor badge requirements so everyone is easily identifiable on our campuses. 

-Over 5000+ security cameras districtwide monitored by a 24/7 dispatch center.

-In addition to local police school resource officers (SROs), we have 24 Granite District Police Department SROs to help provide security and coverage to the entire district. 

-Implementing a weapons sniffing dog (currently being trained) from www.skooldogs.com to help identify threats in our buildings.