Utah (ABC4) – Utah school districts, as a result of COVID and a major staffing shortage, are looking to another resource for substitute teachers – parents.

Yandary Chatwin, a spokeswoman for the Salt Lake City School District, says, “Anyone who’s willing and able to substitute, we absolutely welcome you to apply for that.” Chatwin explains that many of those who would normally be willing to help out are reluctant at this time because of the spread of the Omicron variant.

Chatwin also mentions that the school districts have lifted certain restrictions, such as the number of hours you can work, in order to attract more people interested in helping out.

Chatwin expresses that the background check, however, is still exactly as it has been and that there will be no exceptions made in that regard.

Ben Horsely, a spokesman for Granite School District, states, “We have had around 2200 subrequests since Jan. 3. It is a major issue and asking parents to help out is something we have and continue to do.”

Additionally, Sandra Riesgraf, spokeswoman for Jordan School District, says “We extended our incentive pay program that offers up to $500 for subs who work a certain number of days. We also asked each school to produce an emergency substitute teacher list, which is mostly made up of parents.”

Here are the links to apply to the school districts mentioned above: