Utah school wants to turn your trash into cash

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WOODS CROSS, Utah (News4Utah) – One Davis County school wants you to think twice before you throw out your trash. Legacy Preparatory Academy wants to collect your trash and turn it into cash.

School officials recycle items such as box tops, bottle caps, ink cartridges, soda cartons, fruit snack wrappers, etc. Those items come with a special ‘Box Tops for Education’ label. With help from volunteers, school officials enter codes from those labels onto a website. The website receives the code, which proves the school is recycling, and then the school receives money in return.

Legacy Preparatory is a charter school. Priscilla Stringfellow, principal of the school’s north campus, says they rely heavily on these recycled items because charter schools don’t receive as much government funding as public schools.

“It helps keep our arts programs going, we have an amazing ballroom team and theater program. We can offer a lot of things that some of the schools can’t offer because we collect this money,” said Stringfellow.

People who want to help donate can bring their items to Legacy Preparatory and drop them off in the ‘cash for trash’ bin in the school’s front office. If you can’t get to the school, officials will come pick the items up at your location. Local churches also help collect items.

A team of about 16 volunteers gather all of the donated items and spend 40 hours a month entering in the codes so the school can receive the money.

“We can always use more help,” Stringfellow said.

To help volunteer, click here.

To learn more about the program, click here.

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