UTAH (ABC4) – Ever wonder how your home state ranks when it comes to gender equality?

Unfortunately for Utahns, a new study by WalletHub reveals that Utah comes in dead last when considering gender equality for citizens.

To determine rankings, the study compared states using 17 key metrics focused on total gender gaps in areas such as income, executive positions, work hours, educational attainment, political representation, and more.

With Utah claiming the 50th spot, the other states not too far behind include Idaho, Texas, South Carolina, Kansas, and Georgia.

In the workplace, women will face the most inequality, according to the study. Women constitute over 50 percent of the population, yet only hold about 25% of Fortune 500 board seats and only 27% of legislative positions.

During the pandemic when a large number of workers were facing unprecedented layoffs, women were disproportionately laid off more than men and re-employed much slower than men when jobs opened back up again.

The study also ranked gender equality across the globe, looking at these metrics to determine the countries where the disparity was lowest.

The U.S. ranked 30th in the world for overall gender equality, while countries such as Iceland, Finland, Norway, New Zealand, and Sweden claimed the top five spots, according to the study.