UTAH (ABC4) – Ever wonder how Utah state ranks when it comes to gender equality?

Unfortunately for Utahns, a new study by WalletHub reveals that Utah comes in dead last when considering equality for women.

To determine rankings, the study compared states using 17 key metrics focused on total gender gaps in areas such as income, executive positions, work hours, educational attainment and political representation.

With Utah claiming the 50th spot, the other states not too far behind include Georgia, Idaho, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Tennessee.

“In the workplace, women will face the most inequality,” says Wallethub. “Women constitute over 50 percent of the population, yet only hold about 25% of Fortune 500 board seats and only 27% of legislative positions.”

The U.S. states faring the best for women’s equality include:

  1. New Mexico
  2. Nevada
  3. California
  4. New York
  5. Vermont

According to the study, Utah ranked low in a variety of categories including:

  • Workplace Environment – 48
  • Education & Health – 50
  • Political Empowerment – 42
  • Income Gap – 50
  • Executive Positions Gap – 46
  • Work Hours Gap – 50
  • Educational Attainment Gap (among Advanced Degree Holders) – 50

The U.S. as a nation is ranked 83rd globally when it comes to the gender gap in health and survival. What exactly is causing this?

“While it is hard to pinpoint a single thing, I would say that deep and entrenched gender biases, accompanied by racial biases, which then influence the type of policies and laws that the States have and continue to make are at the bottom of this huge gender gap in health and survival,” says Seulgie Lim, Assistant Professor at the Department of Politics at Bates College.

“Women’s health and survival are not taken as a priority, which goes back to a time when women were financially dependent on men for a lot of the times, and therefore could not seek treatment when needed and were not taken at face value with their symptoms and therefore could not be provided with the necessary treatment. While this financial dependence has dramatically decreased and access to health services has indeed improved for women today, the biases from the past still persist in diagnosis and in treatment.”

The study also ranked gender equality across the globe, using similar metrics to determine the countries where gender disparity was the lowest.

The U.S. ranked 27th in the world for overall gender equality, moving up from 30th place in 2021. The Top 10 countries highest rate of gender equality are:

  1. Iceland
  2. Finland
  3. Norway
  4. New Zealand
  5. Sweden
  6. Rwanda
  7. Nicaragua
  8. Namibia
  9. Ireland
  10. Germany

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