SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – People looking to achieve the “American Dream” may be able to find it in the Beehive State.

According to the American Dream Prosperity Index (ADPI), a data source that provides a comprehensive assessment of prosperity across all 50 states the District of Colombia, Utah ranked fifth in overall prosperity.

Utah’s prosperity score has been on a steady increase and always above the U.S. average. In 2012, Utah scored 58.64 on the ADPI, compared to the national average of 51.83. In 2022, Utah’s prosperity index jumped nearly six points to 64.09, compared to the just over five-point jump (56.9) on the national average.

So how exactly does the ADPI measure prosperity?

According to the ADPI website, “Genuine prosperity is about far more than a society’s economy or an individual’s financial wealth; it represents an environment in which everybody is able to reach their full potential. A society is prosperous when it has effective institutions, an open economy, and empowered people who are healthy and educated.”

The ADPI uses 200 metrics from over 90 data sources to assess each state’s empowerment, inclusiveness, and economies.

Utah ranked 12th in the nation for empowerment, fifth in the nation for an inclusive society, and 10th in the nation for its economy.

Diving deeper into the index shows Utah is the perfect place for relationships. Utah topped the nation in “Personal and Family Relationships”, “Social Networks” and “Civic and Social Participation.”

According to ADPI, Utah parents are the best in the nation at attending children’s activities. Utah’s population is also the most giving of their time with the highest volunteer rate and have reported as having the most “close friends” in any state.

Utah took a hit to its Index score by ranking 28th in the nation for its infrastructure – a metric in the economy category. The average ranking was mainly due to its number of airports, bus transit route mileage, as well as railroad and public road length.

As far as how other states faired on the ADPI, Massachusetts was ranked as the most prosperous state in the country while Mississippi was ranked the least. Utah’s neighbor, Colorado, joined the Beehive state in the Top 10 as the 10th most prosperous state.