Utah officer delivers pizza rather than ticket

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Courtesy: Nellie Watts

SPANISH FORK, Utah (ABC4 News)- A Spanish Fork police officer pulled a woman over for not having her license plate attached to her bumper and instead of giving her a warning or ticket, the officer surprised the woman with a pizza.

Nellie Watts recounts the moment she was driving west on 800 North near the Texaco gas station when Officer David Bowen pulled her over. Watts said the license plate was inside her car because the screws broke off inside the license plate holder.

When Bowen went to run her driver’s license and registration, Watts said Bowen told her to “hang tight, I’ve got some paperwork for you.”

Relieved it was most likely not going to be a ticket because he said “paperwork,” Watts said she was “mind blown” when he came back bringing a pepperoni pizza with breadsticks and an A&W Root Beer from Little Caesars Pizza.  

“I had seen a few videos of things like this on Facebook before, but I never thought it would happen to me,” Watts said. “I’ve been going through a tough time personally, so it was really meaningful to me and I almost cried a little.”

Taking the experience to Facebook, Watts said “the real reason he pulled me over was because Spanish Fork PD is doing random acts of kindness to give back to the community.”

Lt. Brandon Anderson of the Spanish Fork Police Department said they received an anonymous donation asking for officers to “help make things better.”

The donation was given to the department a few weeks ago and now officers are looking for ways they can help people in need.

“So, that’s what we’re trying to do, is better our relationship with the community,” Anderson said.

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