SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (News4Utah) The Utah Legislature officially recognizes climate change.

Governor Gary Herbert ceremonially signed a landmark climate change resolution Wednesday at the State Capitol.

House Concurrent Resolution 007: Resolution on Environmental and Economic Stewardship recognizes the impacts of changing climate and its affect on Utah citizens.

It also acknowledges the need for “responsible stewardship and prudent management o natural resources.”

Representative Rebecca Edwards and Senator Todd Weiler, resolution sponsors, worked with local students to pass the resolution during the 2018 Legislative Session.

“This resolution shows us that climate change is a non-partisan issue that can no longer be ignored,” Representative Edwards said. “The climate change resolution is groundbreaking for our state but to successfully tackle the effects that a changing climate has on our economy and health, we need to continue to collaborate across party lines.”

HEAL Utah, an environmental advocate and watchdog organization, says Utah is the first conservative state legislature to pass a resolution acknowledging the existence of climate change, its causes, and the need for solutions. 

The climate change resolution passed in Utah’s House 46-24 and in the Senate 23-3.