Utah National Guard soldiers deployment ceremony

Local News

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (News4Utah) – Nearly 60 Utah Guard members had a departure ceremony Sunday at Camp Williams Readiness Center for their deployment to Afghanistan to assist the NATO-led mission Operation Resolute Support.

These Soldiers from Utah Guard’s 4th Infantry Division Main Command Post Operational Detachment (MCPOD), will be focusing primarily on training, advice and assistance activities with Afghan security forces for the next year.

“We’re bringing the best team possible for this mission and will exceed the expectations of our 4th Infantry Division counterparts as we successfully execute this mission,” said Army Lt. Col. Talon Greeff, commander of the MCPOD.

“The leadership of the Utah Army National Guard has provided the training and support necessary for us to perform exceptionally well as we integrate with the 4th Infantry Division and execute our assigned mission.”

The MCPOD is scheduled to depart to Colorado for pre-deployment training before continuing on to Afghanistan.

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