Utah nail salon feeling effects of the government shutdown

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – A Salt Lake City nail salon is calling for the government shutdown to end. WaterCreek Nails and Spa says the back and forth between lawmakers is hurting their business.

Many of the salon’s clients are government workers and the ripple effect of those workers not getting paid is hurting WaterCreek’s bottom line.

“If they’re not receiving their income and what they need, they’re not able to come in and get their nails done and their feet done,” said Sabrina Nguyen, a Nail Technician at the salon.

When ABC4 News took our cameras to the nail spa, there was a full staff of technicians but very few clients getting work done.

“All these chairs would usually be filled. Now we’re down to one or two being filled,” Nguyen told ABC4’s Brittany Johnson. “Our tables are pretty much empty at this point and our business has gone down.”

“It’s like a domino effect now,” she explained. “It’s definitely affecting our family. It’s affecting how our employees are making their money. I mean, we’re not making barely anything.”

Nguyen says the partial government shutdown is “heartbreaking” and “unnecessary.”

She’s hoping lawmakers will find a resolution and put an end to what is now the longest government shutdown ever.

“It’s not fair to us as Americans — it’s not fair to anyone. We’re caught in the middle of something we didn’t ask for.”

WaterCreek Nails and Spa is about to undergo remodeling and is looking to lend a helping hand to government employees. If you or someone you know is interested and capable of doing handiwork, call them at (385) 722 – 8888.

The spa is also going to donate money to the Utah Food Bank to further help government employees. 

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