NORTH BLANDING, Utah (ABC4) – The Edge of the Cedars State Park Museum needs help identifying some BLM collections and a mystery coin.

Museum officials say an assistant curator with the museum is working to identify a set of BLM collections from sites that had been excavated along Highway 191 north of Moab, Utah 20 years ago.

Museum officials say the first two items are arrowheads. They added that the items are recognized as being Desert Side-notched (or Desert Tri-notched) points, and suggest they date to AD 1200s through the 1400s. Museum officials believe the items were made and used by Pueblo or Ute people or possibly both.

The third item, which museum officials say is more recent is an apparent historic period commemorative copper coin of some sort.

Anyone who may have information about the subject or date of the coin is asked to reach out to the Edge of the Cedars State Park Museum.