WOODS CROSS (ABC4 News) – A Utah mother is calling for an independent investigation after her 10-year-old son had a gun pointed at his head by a police officer.

A Woods Cross police officer admitted to pointing his gun at 10-year-old DJ Hrubes who he apparently mistook for an armed suspect.

Jerri Hrubes said she doesn’t want the officer who pointed the gun at her son to be fired, but she does want an investigation.

During a press conference Friday afternoon, Jerri recounted what she saw happen to her son DJ.

She said while DJ was playing in the front yard of their home, a Woods Cross police officer reportedly approached him, drew his gun and yelled for the child to put his hands up.

Woods Cross police and other agencies were involved in manhunt nearby for a suspect whom they considered to be “armed and dangerous.” The suspects involved were described as two Polynesian or Hispanic men with average builds.

The officer mistook DJ for one the suspects, and said he didn’t look 10.

“That he looks 10 or not, that’s not the issue. The issue is you know he’s not. That he’s only 10. And would you as a mother or father want an officer of the law to put a gun to your child?” asked Jerri Hrubes.

The NAACP Salt Lake Branch is also calling for a full investigation of the incident.

“The NAACP is concerned that training and good judgement was not considered when approaching this young boy,” said President Jeanetta Williams in a statement issued Friday.


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