Millenials in Utah appears to be saving when it comes to using credit. According to a recent study, Utah Millenials have the 6th highest average credit score in the nation.

The study comes from Experian. Compared with the national average of 701, millennials nationwide have an average FICO score of 665. In Utah, that average goes up to 689.

Here are some quick facts about millennial debt across the country:

  • Millennials have an average credit card balance of $5,231, up 7% year over year from $4,869 in 2017.
  • Millennials carried an average of $34,770 in student loan debt, up 8% from $32,239 in 2017.
  • Millennials have an average total debt amount of $80,666, up 11% from $72,988 in 2017.

The five states that come in ahead of Utah are Minnesota, District of Columbia, North Dakota, Massachusetts, and South Dakota. The worst state in the nation is Mississippi.

To learn more about the study visit Experian’s website.