UTAH (ABC4) – A U.S. Marine from Utah was among the 13 U.S. military members killed in the attacks in Kabul, Afghanistan, Thursday.

Staff Sgt. Taylor Hoover was killed in the attacks at Kabul Airport that left dozens of Afghans and 12 other U.S. service members dead, Hoover’s family tells ABC4.

Photo of Sgt. Taylor Hoover (Courtesy of Hoover Family)

The attack happened around 8 a.m. MT Thursday morning. Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby reported an explosion took place at Abbey Gate at the airport while another explosion was reported at or near the nearby Baron Hotel. Gunmen are also said to have attacked crowds of Afghans.

Utah Representative Blake Moore offered his condolences to Hoover’s family on Twitter, saying,

“We just received word that Staff Sgt. Taylor Hoover of UT lost his life to the attack at the Kabul airport yesterday. We’ll be forever grateful for his sacrifice & legacy. He spent his last moments serving our state & nation, & we’ll never forget his unwavering devotion. #utpol

A family member of Hoover tells ABC4 that Sgt. Hoover, “died a hero doing what he always wanted to do and was proud to do. SERVE HIS COUNTRY.”